Fly far away from here

thermoformed plastic (recycled), 190x80x35 cm, 2023


  • Physics of the Soft World, Sara Ilia, Zuzanna Grochowska, Sotto 63 Gallery, Warsaw 2023

The artwork was part of the exhibition “Physics of the Soft World,” which presented the theme of pearls in a broad sense. The exhibition told a story focused on the degradation of the original meaning of pearls and the transformation of aesthetic values in favor of economic values.

01/04/2023 – 28/05/2023, Sotto 63 Gallery, Warsaw.

The process of creating pearls takes place in an intimate, hidden, and inaccessible space, and once the final product is formed, it immediately undergoes valuation. In my opinion, this process is consistent with the artist’s image and the nature of their work and craftsmanship. The entire process is encapsulated within the shell of creation, in a hidden and intimate place. Within the abstract form of the sculpture, there is the shape of a pearl shell and the form of a cocoon large enough to accommodate a human. By evoking the motif of pearls as objects that restore lost integrity, it is intended to be a place of internal energy accumulation. When creative integrity is disrupted, time passes to start from scratch. Zero as a place of disappearance and simultaneously the layers of everything – the beginning of existence.