Plastic Apotheosis

shipping container, thermoformed plastic, LED light, 2,6x6x2,4 m, 2019

The installation called Plastic Apotheosis is placed in isolated space of shipping container. I’ve builded it inside because I wanted to create an environment for personal experience. The main goal was to create a space of undulated plastic which reflects light and serves as factor of disinformation. It forces the viewer into dialog with white space and tests their ability to adapt. All aspects – such as light, structure, color and space were put together to trigger both emotional and intellectual site of reception. Installation poses the question about the role of senses. Can we rely on our senses and determinate whether space is flat, concaved or convex when light makes it impossible to see?  Project was based also on my way of seeing plastic materials – even when they seem tacky, they can be easily transform into something noble. he purpose of using plastic materials was not only in order to provoke optical delusion of eye but also to change viewers reception on how each of us uses this materials as part of daily consumerism. Timeless nature of plastics is hypnotizing, but It brings us to statement that sooner or later our civilization is getting closer to “sink” under avalanche of products and objects that it has create.

At the same time, installation refers to the topic of isolation which is becoming more urgent than ever. Plastic Apotheosis is another closed space, which simulates „walls”, that we are trying so hard to tear down or built. We enter into container with curiosity that can suddenly change into fear of losing attachment to outside reality. This aspects of losing orientation and abilities to recover interest me the most. Flexibility and adaptability to regenerate our senses will decide what kind of face will the future have.