Cycle Inflections


  • Sculpture Laboratory – National Exhibition of Polish Sculpture, Totuart Gallery, Warsaw 2021
  • Exhibition at KISS PRINT FESTIVAL, Stowarzyszenia Twórców Grafiki Artystycznej, Elektrownia Powiśle, Warsaw 2019 
  • Individual exhibition Inflections – SOON_44 at Starak Family Foundation Spectra Art Space, Warsaw 2018 


thermoformed plastic, resin, 94x86x55cm, 2018


thermoformed plastic, resin, 171x77x30cm, 2018


thermoformed plastic, resin, 140x90x50 cm, 2018

Exhibition at the Starak’s Family Foundation

The objects Frock-coat and Gravity are part of the cycle Inflection, which was created as a site-specific installation project. Pieces of plastic material were heated and shaped to create unique inflections and curves. The glossy and rigid nature of the plastics takes on new organic forms and shapes. By intentionally using this type of material, which can easily imitate something more noble, I am exploring the idea of kitsch. The impact of my objects is closely connected to the exhibition space. I enjoy arranging the background in a way that relates to the plastic forms, functioning as a lens that reflects and focuses the light.