thermoformed plastic, resin, 80x60x60cm, 2018

The object has been created through the process of vacuum thermoforming which is frequently used for industrial purpose to manufacture food packaging and many objects of everyday use. In order to maintain full control over the process and achieve unique curves, the sculpture has been formed by hand without mould thermoforming machines typically used in industry. Confronted with the existing lighting, it acquires a new spatial and color dimension. It’s smooth and elastic surface brings to mind the distorted reflections you find in the halls of mirrors at fun fairs. Teetering on the edge of kitsch which comes from both the use off such a widespread medium as plastic and work’s formal simplicity, I have created a sculpture entitled “Hermes” which through its appearance and spatial dynamics alludes to the air as the force used in the creative process.

17’th edition of contest Artistic Journey by Hestia, 2018