Life beyond one’s means

 conglomerate, resin, marble, 62x31x59 cm, 2022


  • Physics of the Soft World, Sara Ilia, Zuzanna Grochowska, Sotto 63 Gallery, Warsaw 2023
  • 47’th Biennale Winter Salon, Mazovian Centre of Contemporary Art, Radom 2022

Material is always a way of expression and hidden context for me. I do experiment a lot with forms and contrasts. Sculpture was made from three materials, each representing different part of understanding the title. Gypsum is very fragile material and it used to be considered as a primitive one for sculpting. In this object itʼs a fundamental core of piece. Because of itʼs character it stands for everything at this moment that could be gone in anytime. Resin is modern and very plastic material, which brings the topic of corporeality through itʼs colour as a base of sculpture. Because of itʼs synthetic character it stands for everything fake. The smallest part of object is mobile „obelisk”. Itʼs hidden under conglomerate form. Made from polished marble, which was always considered to be the most expensive stone. This small part was design to be in palm of hand to bring peace and comfort as stone gets hot by the touch. It also replicates the idea of portable sculptures that can fit in the hand. This composition was made to be a reminder that the attachment to material reality and itʼs status could bring doom to mind.

Everything belongs to us just for a blink of an eye.