Making spatial stories

Bubble of (mis)fortune

metal net, tape, plastic surface, approx. 2,5×1,2×1,5 m, 2021


  • International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg, curator Rosella Biscotti, 2021 (photos by Anna Aicher) 

lstallation “Bubble of (Mis)fortune” in total view relates to a complex interaction between humans and nature. The sphere is an imaginary water container. Water is imitated by an abstract, reflective and transparent object. We’re observing it right in the moment before sudden catastrophe. It’s transparent so it can easily adapt to the surrounding. The transparency also suggest that we can not know what the future catastrophe will hold. I’m taking a part of the story to create my own interpretation about unknown force that is unstoppable. The combination between used materials presents to ways of thinking: plastic foils are timeless and can be used to preserve water. Preserve also means to protect. Through the illusive form, I want to ask the audience: What is actually worth preserving and why we’re trying so desperately to control the environment? The gypsum molds are thin, fragile and could not exist without water. White forms are working as reminder to these who are not aware of fundamental dependence to the natural forces. I’m letting the objects change it’s shape and slowly transform into another form without having total control of the change.