Site effects II

own technique, 72x70x35 cm, 2022


  •  Laboratorium rzeźby, Totuart, Centrum Praskie Koneser, Warsaw 2022
  • Faces of Drawing – 55 years of the Graphics Department, Czapski Palace, Warsaw 2023

The works from this cycle were created as part of a different installation, made of hundreds of balloon molds. Balloons, as spheres filled with air, have a very unstable and unpredictable shape when it comes to molding. They break, change in size, and alter the structure of other materials. They are also full of static, making them even more challenging to work with. These imperfections resulted in two objects that closely study the materiality and structure of things while also reflecting the creative process. The material used in the work is plaster, which also possesses a fragile and unstable nature. In my own interpretation of this project, I aimed to create a piece so delicate that it can only be exposed several times or even just once. This artwork corresponds to the fragility of our current reality, which can easily be shattered by any circumstances.