Thousand little dreams

own technique, 45x50x15 (core), 2023 (sold)


  • Physics of the Soft World, Sara Ilia, Zuzanna Grochowska, Sotto 63 Gallery, Warsaw 2023

Fragments of the exhibition “Physics of the Soft World,” 01/04/2023 – 28/05/2023, Sotto 63 Gallery, Warsaw.

What we start with is beautiful, priceless, and unique. It’s like a dream, an idea, a longing. Work evokes the motif of pearls, concealing the testimony of the degradation of their original meaning and the transformation of aesthetic values into economic value. In alchemy, pearls symbolized the ability to restore lost integrity. The power of unconsciously regaining what has been lost. They were a kind of amulet against all ailments (including old age and melancholy), and their most desired function was to ensure longevity. The dream accumulates in layers, much like the process of pearl formation. If it doesn’t come true, it can become the bitterness of life. And so it goes, we plan, it doesn’t work out, and sadness comes. However, sadness is also multilayered, and its function is to rescue us from finality. Longing for what we haven’t experienced leads to repeated attempts to attain the impossible.